SB Painting


SB PAINTING is rooted in the culture of metal-working and a profound knowledge of the industry - a heritage from deep studies and research.

We specialize in metal processing, especially in sandblasting and painting on an industrial scale.

With state of the art plant the company is able to perform customised processing to meet our clients' requirements. Come and get to know us.

Metal sandblasting

Used to remove any remaining impurities, oxidation or other imperfections from small and large areas on the metal object.

Glass bead blasting

Use of lead-free and chemically inert glass beads.

Liquid anti-corrosive paint

Liquid and anti-corrosive treatments for various materials.

Epoxy powder coating

Protective treatment highly resistant to weather and the elements.

Material plasticizing

Our company is able to perform lamination of various materials up to 9.5 m.

Transportation services / packaging and storage

Road freight service. Quick and timely deliveries and collections in the same day.

Our certifications

Quality and workplace safety certifications. Compliance with current regulations.


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How to reach us

SB Painting is located at Via Cesare Cattaneo, 6 in Cantu (province of Como).

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