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Sandblasting, anticorrosive paint, epoxy powders

SB PAINTING is a twenty-year company that deals with sandblasting and painting on an industrial level.

Study, experience and continuous training make SB PAINTING constantly updated on new processing techniques and market news. deriving from a culture and a deep knowledge of the metalworking sector, elements inherited from various studies and painting sand and varnish both in liquid and in powder with baking up to 200 °.

The company is equipped with modern machinery and materials to fully satisfy the work cycles and above all the needs of the client.

We have vehicles for the maneuverability of the various materials and a large space both inside and outside the area.

Our workforce is also composed of specialized and qualified personnel, assisted by control inspectors

frosio and nace certificates.

To find out more about the services, we invite you to view the site and contact the company directly by clicking here.


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